Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales

Article 1: Fields of Application and Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

These general conditions of sale apply exclusively between the company SELLERIE IBERIQUE RIOJA, draille des grignans, 13430 Eyguières in France (hereinafter "Nous") registered under the number SIRET: 451 186 427 600 022 and any person Visiting or making a purchase on the site: www.sellerieiberiquerioja.com (hereinafter "You" or "Buyer").

Application of the general conditions of sale

The order by the Customer implies the acceptance of the whole of these general conditions.

They apply, without restriction or reservations, to the total sales by Sellerie Iberique Rioja of the products offered on its website.

Article 2: Contract

2.1 Conditions for placing an order

You declare that you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal capacity or parental authorization to place an order on the Site.

The order can only be registered on the site if the user has clearly identified himself by entering his customer code (or identifier specific to our site) and his password that are strictly personal to him.

Any order made on the Site must correspond to the normal needs of an individual or a professional identified as such.

2.2 Ordering Information

All orders imply unrestricted or unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale. Any order implies acceptance of prices and description of products available for sale.

From the moment You have registered your order by clicking on the "Continue" or "Validate" icon of the online order form, You are considered as having accepted in full knowledge of these terms and conditions, Prices, volumes, colors and quantities of products offered for sale and ordered.

This electronic signature has value between the parties in the same way as a handwritten signature.

After placing your order, We will send you an e-mail confirming you this one. We inform you of the sending of your articles.

The sale will be considered as final only after the confirmation of the order by Sellerie Iberique Rioja and the receipt by the latter of the full price.

Article 3: Price, availability and delivery

Prices are displayed in euros excluding taxes, however they will not be charged to the customer as it is called international sale.

Sellerie Iberique Rioja reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but the products are invoiced at the price in force at the time of the registration of the order.

Despite all our efforts, a limited number of items on our Site may contain a price error. Be assured however that we carry out the price verification during the procedure of sending your article.

If the price corrected is lower than the price displayed on the Site, We will apply to you the lowest price and You will address Your article.

If the price corrected is higher than the price displayed on the Site, We will inform you and will cancel your order unless You choose to accept the order at the new price.

To realize our sales catalog, we work with databases, enriched according to the information communicated by our suppliers.

Since this database contains many articles, the totality is not stored in our reserves and our offer is then conditioned by the availability of items at suppliers.

Consequently, any stock disruption can not be attributed to us.

Unavailable items are removed from our catalog only if the breach is reported to be final by the supplier (out of stock); In the other cases, you will be informed of the final break through the tracking of your order.

If this break is temporary, they will be delivered subject to availability at the supplier.

In case of unavailability within the indicated time, We reserve the possibility to propose to you in replacement an article of a quality and an equivalent price.

In this case, the expenses of returns following the possible exercise of the right of withdrawal will be at our expense.

In case We could not provide You with an item of quality and equivalent price or If you do not want this item of quality and equivalent price, You will be able to cancel your order.

If the item (s) in break is less than or equal to 6 euros, your item will be removed from Your order and will not be taken into account when validating the debit or cashing of your order.

In case of permanent unavailability, and if We can not provide You with an article of quality and equivalent price, Your order will be canceled

Regarding breakages for orders in delivery outside France METROPOLITAINE and CORSICA, unavailable items will be automatically deleted from Your order, and refunded.

In the event of debit or cashing to order an unavailable item, Our Saddlery agrees to propose a credit or to refund the Customer within 15 days.

Sellerie Iberique Rioja undertakes to notify by e-mail the Customer who has placed an order for an unavailable item.

"New" items can be found on our website. They are shipped as of the date of sale. As neither an intervener nor an actor in the decision, our Saddlery can not be held responsible for any delay in marketing.

In case of order of an unavailable product, the customer will be informed via his customer account available on the site and / or by email as soon as possible.

REDUCTION COUPONS: If the Purchaser is in possession of a discount voucher, he / she may use it when validating his order by entering this code in the section dedicated to this purpose.

Reduction coupons must be used in strict accordance with the wording of the transaction. Despite our attention to the application of the reduction, if a validated coupon does not correspond to the wording of the current transaction, or if a coupon is validated for an amount less than the minimum amount provided for the reduction, The order will be canceled automatically.

The coupons are NOT CUMULABLE: any order registered and validated with several coupons will be automatically canceled.


We can accept your orders within the limit of available stocks.

When you add a product to your shopping cart, the shipping cost is displayed, and calculated automatically in the shopping cart.

Delivery takes place at the address specified by the customer when the order is placed. It will be carried out by La Poste or by a carrier. It can only intervene once the order has been validated by the customer and the payment has been validated in full. Any bank payment centers concerned will have given their payment agreement in advance. In case of refusal at the time of the order of the centers, the order will be automatically canceled.

Characteristics of the order dispatch system:

The Buyer is delivered to his home by one of our private transport agencies and signs a receipt slip or acknowledgment of receipt. Our customer will be informed of the passenger's passage through a phone call issued beforehand. In case of absence, the Buyer or the recipient of the ordered product receives a notice of transit, which allows him to be informed of the passage of the driver and to then contact him.

- to report these incidents to Sellerie Iberique Rioja.


The delivery of very bulky parcels will be carried out by a specialized carrier. You must be present at the time of the delivery of your parcel to allow a delivery in the best possible conditions.

The delivery period includes the time of preparation of the package (estimate which can be given on the site by formulations of the "shipped in x days" type) to which is added the routing time. The average time is 2 to 10 days for France. Also the delays displayed are only indicative, and do not constitute a delay of rigor; Our Saddlery will not be liable for any delay in delivery or stock shortage at the publisher or supplier.

In any event, and in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, the products ordered will be delivered within a maximum period of thirty days from the day following that on which the Buyer has His order, subject to the full payment of the prize.

In the absence of delivery at the expiration of this period, the Purchaser will be able to cancel his order. The sums paid by the Buyer will then be returned to him without delay, to the exclusion of any other compensation.

Sellerie Iberique Rioja reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom an ongoing dispute exists.

Article 4: Payment

Payment must be made at the time of the order by the Purchaser.

At no time, the sums paid can not be considered as a deposit or installments. All orders are payable in euros.

You can make the payment of your order:

► Payment by Paypal.

► By Bank Transfer

► In 3 times without fees

And now by French bank check.

4-1. Payment by Paypal

Our site offers you one of the most known methods of payment on the internet, the Paypal is a secure payment.

4-3. Payment by bank transfer

Sellerie Iberique Rioja also offers you the possibility to pay by bank transfer. Please indicate your name or order number.

You will find below the necessary elements for your transfer:


Saddlery Iberique Rioja


Draille des grignans

13430 Eyguières

la France



-------------------------------------------------- -----


Account Number: 101780006707021074944

IBAN: FR76 1017 8000 6707 0210 7494 430



4-4. Payment in 3 installments without charge or installment.

This method of payment has been set up to allow to spread the payment of the total amount of your order over 3 months.

The minimum amount of the order must be greater than or equal to 300 euros.

The client must carry out the following steps:

A first payment by bank transfer corresponding to 60% of the total amount of the order within 5 days following the order.

We will return by mail the payment agreement in 3 times free of charge and filled out and signed (to download), as well as 2 checks (payable to Mr Heraud Landry), each corresponding to 20% of the total of The order, to also enclose a photocopy of the identity card.

Once the transfer is made and the documents received, the order is sent.

Checks will be cashed one month apart.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in legal action.

4-5 Payment by bank checks French:

To pay by check bank, you just have to freeze your check payable to AUDE PIERPAOLI, with the amount indicated at the time of your order, then send it to the following address:

Saddlery Iberique Rioja

Draille des grignans

13430 Eyguières

la France

Please indicate the number of your order on the back of your check in gray pencil.

Article 5: Returns

Please read our Returns Policy

In accordance with the consumer code, the customer has 7 working days from the date of delivery of his order, to return any article not suitable. Your guarantee is your invoice, keep it.

Before any return it is essential to contact Sellerie Iberique Rioja by e-mail, in order to inform you of the steps to follow for the return of your article.

In the event of loss or deterioration during transport, Sellerie Iberique Rioja can not be held liable, since the goods pass through at the expense and risk of the customer. In the event that our liability is incurred, the returns will be refunded in the form of credit only. In case of exchange for personal convenience, the shipping costs will be borne by the customer. They will then be defined according to "our port, packaging and processing package" variable according to the destination.

If the verification of our products before sending them, the customer receives an article presenting a defect of manufacture, the object will be resumed and exchanged by Sellerie Iberique Rioja. The article will be exchanged by an identical article or in case of exhaustion of stock, it will be subscribed in the form of having.

This right of return does not apply:

  • products ordered in quantity

  • special orders such as personalized items or other items.

Article 6: Reservation of ownership and settlement deadlines

Sellerie Iberique Rioja reserves the ownership of materials and supplies until full payment of the price by the buyer. Our retention of title concerns both the goods and their price if they have already been resold (Law No. 80.335 of 12 May 1980).

Payment deadlines: interest for late payment at the rate of one and a half times the legal interest (art L441-6 al 2 and 3 of the Commercial Code).

Article 7: Guarantees and liability

We reserve the right to modify the assortment of products according to the constraints linked to our suppliers.

The photographs, graphics and descriptions of the products offered for sale are only indicative and do not commit Sellerie Iberique Rioja.

In the event that a publisher or supplier modifies a product, the graphic representation of it can not engage the liability of Sellerie Iberique Rioja or even affect the validity of the sale.

All articles are subject to a contractual guarantee, which does not preclude the legal guarantee provided for in articles 1641 et seq. Of the Civil Code.

You benefit from a warranty for items to return items delivered defective in accordance with articles L 211-4 and following of the Code of consumption

· Article L211-4 consumer code

The seller is obliged to deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for any defects of conformity existing at the time of issue.

It also answers to the defects of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when this was charged to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility.

· Article L211-5 consumer code

To comply with the contract, the property must:

7-1º Be fit for the usual expected use of a similar good and, where applicable:

- correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities which he has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or a model;

- present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect in the light of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labeling;

7-2º Or present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be specific to any special purpose sought by the buyer, brought to the knowledge of the seller and which the latter has accepted.

· Article L211-12 consumer code

The action resulting from the lack of conformity is prescribed by two years from the delivery of the property.

· Article 1641 of the Civil Code

The seller is liable for the warranty due to the hidden defects of the thing sold which make it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended,

Or which diminish so much the use, that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would have given a lesser price if he had known them.

· Article 1648 of the First Civil Code

The action resulting from the defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect.

· Electrical and electronic equipment:

We inform you that the presence of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment can have potential effects on the environment and human health. So you do not have to get rid of it with unsorted municipal waste.

We decline any responsibility in the event that the article delivered does not respect the legislation of the country of delivery other than France.

We commit ourselves to bring all the care in use in the profession for the implementation of the service offered to the client. Nevertheless, our liability can not be withheld in the event of breach of our contractual obligations as a result of a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence of the French courts.

Our responsibility will not be engaged in case of delay due to a shortage of stock at the publisher or at the supplier.

In addition, in the event of non-substantial differences between the photographs of the presentation of the articles on our Site, texts and illustrations and the articles ordered, our responsibility will not be engaged.

We use all means at our disposal to provide the services covered by these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

We are liable for any direct and foreseeable damage at the time of use of the Site or the conclusion of the sales contract between Us and You.

In no event shall we be liable for any loss of profits, business losses, loss of data or loss of profit or any other indirect or unforeseeable damage at the time of use of the Site or the conclusion of the contract Of sale between Us and You.

The limitation of liability referred to above is inapplicable in the event of fraud or gross negligence on our part, in case of personal injury or liability for defective products, in case of eviction and in case of non-conformity (including Due to hidden defects).

Article 8: License to access the Site

The Buyer is personally responsible for setting up the computer and telecommunications facilities allowing access to the Site Sellerieiberiquerioja.com

You will bear the costs of telecommunication when accessing the Internet and using the site.

We grant You a limited license to access and use the Site for your personal use. In no case You are authorized to download or modify all or part of this Site without Our express written authorization. This license does not, under any circumstances, permit you to use this Site or its contents for sale or any other commercial use (listed products, descriptions, prices, downloads or copies of information on behalf of another merchant, use of Data, software, audio extracts, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools).

This Site or any part of this Site may in no circumstances be reproduced, copied, sold or exploited for commercial reasons without our express written permission.

You may not copy, copy or otherwise copy any trademark, logo or other information (including images, text, artwork) that we own without our express written consent. You may not use meta tags or any other "hidden" text containing our name without our express and written consent. Any unauthorized use will terminate the license We have granted You.

We authorize you, on a non-exclusive and revocable basis, to create a hypertext link pointing to the homepage of the Site provided that this link does not create to us, or to our products or services, a lying, false, pejorative character Or which may harm us. In no case shall the creation of this hyperlink be held liable, for any reason whatsoever, on the content of your site. Any use in our link of our logo, our brand or our graphics requires our express and written authorization.

Article 9: Comments, criticisms, communications and other contents

Users of this Site may send us reviews, comments or other content; Submitting suggestions, ideas, questions or other information as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, slanderous, infringing intellectual property rights, or harmful to third parties and does not constitute Or does not contain computer viruses, political militancy, commercial solicitations, mass mailing, channels or any other form of "spam". You must not use a false e-mail address, impersonate a person or entity, or lie about the origin of the content. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove or modify any content, for technical reasons (insufficient storage capacity, viruses, web page clarity) or legal (defamatory, lying, racist , Obscene or defending crimes against humanity). The reasons given above are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as exhaustive.

If You Submit Content to us, and unless otherwise specified by Us, You agree to grant to Us, the non-exclusive, free and legal right to use, reproduce, modify, Adapt, publish, translate, distribute, sublicense and display this content worldwide and on any media. You grant us the right to use the name You have provided to us when providing your content. You waive the right to be identified as the author of the content. You agree to perform all acts necessary to perfect the rights You give us, in particular by the execution of any act and any document at our request.

You represent and warrant that You own or have the necessary rights to the Content You Convey to Us; That (i) the content is accurate and truthful, (ii) the use of the Content does not contravene any of our policies and will not infringe upon any third party (including Content will not be defamatory). You agree to indemnify us in the event of action by a third party against Us as soon as this action is caused by, based on or originates the content that You have communicated to us.

Article 10: Protection of personal data

We are committed to protecting your personal data. All personal data concerning You that we have collected is treated with the strictest confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of our policy of protection of the personal data. You can check our Privacy Policy.

We also inform you that "cookies" record certain information that is stored in the memory of your hard disk. This information is used to generate site audience statistics and to offer products and services based on previous visits. A warning message may ask you, beforehand, if you want to accept "cookies", which you can of course refuse. It is also possible to configure your browser to accept or reject "cookies" at any time.

These "cookies" do not contain confidential information about you.

Article 11: Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions are subject to the Spanish law of commerce.

The court of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute shall be that of the place of domicile of the defendant or, at the option of the defendant, the place of actual delivery of the product

Article 12: Identification

This website is owned and operated by Mrs. AUDE PIERPAOLI

Sellerie Iberique Rioja is registered under the following company number:


Nº SIRET: 451 186 427 600 022

For the website www.sellerieiberiquerioja.com:

Saddlery Iberique Rioja

Draille des grignans

13430 Eyguières



Telephone: +33 (0)7 86 53 27 73


If You believe that any content on our Site may infringe any of your intellectual property rights, or if You have a question about our Site, you may write to us at:

Saddlery Iberique Rioja

Draille des Grignans

13430 Eyguières



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